Evart freshman working on improving her varsity role

EVART —  McKenzie Kimball has been seeing some playing time as a freshman on Evart’s young girl basketball team and is looking for prospects to get brighter as the season progresses.

She’s been seeing some starting action for the Wildcats at guard.

“I’m on the wing most of the time and I shoot and I dribble drive,” Kimball said. “I definitely need to improve on defense and being patient.”

The key to having success on defense, she said, is “keeping your feet moving and your body moving too,” adding on offense, her role is to both pass and shoot.

Kimball said he’s confident in her shooting abilities. Her favorite shot is the 3-pointer.

“You need patience,” she said. “You have to wait for the shot you want to take.”

Kimball acknowledged as a freshman on the varsity, she’s been both nervous and excited about the situation.

“I think I’m comfortable, but I have stuff to improve on,” she said, adding she’s working to adjust to the tougher physical nature and speed of the game. “It goes a lot faster. The girls obviously out there have more talent (than junior high).”

Kimball said she practiced with the varsity basketball girls during the summer. During the transition time that led to girls basketball practices, she found out she’d be on varsity team.

“The end of volleyball season (coach  Paul Higgins) told me,” she said. “I’m trying to remember where I’m supposed to be and my job on the court.”

Kimball also is focusing on improving her defense.

The team focus has been on “moving the ball and running the plays,” she said. “We have to work together and make good passes.”

The Wildcats (0-5) have Highland Conference games at Beal City Jan. 7, at home with Lake City on Jan. 12 and with Manton on Jan. 15. They have a nonleague game on Jan. 19 at Crossroads Charter Academy.