Evart freshman's exceptional play sparks Wildcats

Kyrah Gray plays key role in 10-game win streak

Kyrah Gray



Pioneer photo/John Raffel

EVART – Addy Gray has been among the key reasons for Evart’s 10-1 start so far this girls basketball season.

But her younger sister, freshman Kyrah Gray, has been making her way up the stat sheet very impressively and is among the reasons the Wildcats entered this week having won 10 in a row after a season opening-loss.

Addy is a senior in her fourth varsity year and Kyrah made her debut in November as a freshman guard-forward.

“We look forward to continuing to develop Kyrah as a player and having her develop under the varsity umbrella this season,” Evart coach Carrie Kunkle said. “She will bring skills like scoring, ball handling, court awareness and  is highly coachable and focused during crucial game moments. She has two-way trustworthiness with her coaches.”

Gray has been a strong offensive weapon this season and has been able to shoot the threes.

Between the two Grays, there are some slight differences, Kyrah said.

“She hits the boards consistently when she shoots and I like to drive and pass the ball out,” she said.

Kyrah acknowledged the 3-point shot is her favorite and most effective shot.

“The key is focus,” she said, adding the floater is her second favorite shot 

She’s a freshman but Gray said early in the season she was feeling comfortable with the varsity players.

“They’ve made me feel very welcomed,” she said.

Gray has also been happy with the Wildcats’ defensive play

“I think we have our confidence up more and we’ve been helping a lot more,” she said.

Against tough teams such as Lake City, the key, Gray said, “is to play tough defense outside and rotate on it.”

Gray, like her sister, is also in volleyball and softball, While softball may be her favorite, basketball is not far behind.