Evart freshman runner off to strong start

EVART — Nathan Woods has been running anything but like a freshman for Evart’s boys’ cross country team this season.

In his first varsity season, Woods has been running at a new Spring Hills Camp course for Evart.

“It’s a harder course,” he said after running it at the Evart Invitational earlier this season. “I was pretty pleased with how I did.”

Woods has usually been No. 3 on the team.

“I was pretty much expecting to be third,” Woods said. “We knew we would have a pretty good team so I wasn’t sure.”

He made sure he was ready for his freshman season.

“I ran pretty consistently this summer,” Woods said. “I did about 250 miles.”

Woods ran at 17:26 at Midland and is looking to get in the upper 16s.

“The key (will be after) we ease off our training,” Woods said. “We’ve been going pretty hard. We’re not exactly peaked yet. Our coaching will get us in our best shape and it will get a lot easier.”

The strongest part of his race is his second mile, Woods indicated.

“We really focus on that in our practices,” he said. “A lot of people slow down there. I’m not a very good sprinter right now. I’m more or less steady. Working to get our leg speed up will help me to improve.”

Woods continues to enjoy running with his older brother.

“It helps to motivate us when I’m right behind him,” Nathan said.

Evart runs Friday at Carson City-Crystal in the regionals.

“We have a great team,” Woods said. “We’re hoping to be top three in the state. We’re strong all the way through.”