Evart freshman playing key role for volleyball team

EVART — Livia Hopkins is learning varity volleyball in a hurry.

The Evart freshman was brought up to the varsity in the preseason. She was elated to hear the news.

“I was very excited because I knew the girls on the team,” she said. “I was out most my eighth-grade because I had a torn muscle in my shoulder.”

Hopkins was forced to learn the varsity game in a hurry.

“It’s the speed of the ball and how big the girls are,” she said.

Hopkins is an outside hitter.

“I try to find open gaps and try to hit it a hard as I can,” Hopkins said.

She indicated she’s been achieving that goal, for the most part.

“We need to work as a team on our passing,” Hopkins said. “We’re really close as a team. It’s easy to cheer each other up and know how to make each other laugh and everything.”

Evart is at Farwell on Thursday.