Evart freshman making key contributions to varsity baseball team

EVART — He’s just a freshman but Evart’s Billy Conklin has made some major contributions for the Wildcat baseball team this spring.

The Wildcats had a season highlight in early May with a doubleheader sweep over Lake City.

“We played good defense and had good quality at bats,” he said.

Conklin was brought up to the varsity during preseason.

“I wanted to (be brought up),” he said. “I was trying my best and making the right plays learning from the seniors and hoping I could go to varsity.”

Conklin has been playing various positions for the Wildcats, including catcher, but figures his best spot is third base.

“My strength is knowing where to throw the ball when it comes to me,” he said. “I’m able to move quickly to the ball.”

Left field is his second best spot. He’s learning from senior Chris Imhoff about the catcher’s position.

“I’m hitting the ball pretty well,” Conklin said. “I see the ball well.”

The Wildcats have been working around the .500 mark.

“The team is playing amazing right now,” he said. “We want to win all of our conference games. (The key) is to hit the ball and play good defense.”