Evart freshman has successful season in competitive cheer

EVART — Mariah Fisher completed a satisfying season in competitive cheer for the Evart Wildcats.

Fisher was only a freshman, but had experience from junior high competitive cheer.

“You’re pushed more in high school,” Fisher said. “In middle school, it’s just trying to get it done. In high school, you work at it until you’re perfect.”

The competitive cheer practice season started in November and the entire season ended in late February at districts. Fisher has watched with satisfaction as she and her teammates continued to improve.

“Our round three we changed a lot,” Fisher said of the round that involves stunts and mounts. “Each time we were getting better at it. We’ve taken people in and out of rounds. We’ve put some harder stunts in.”

Fisher and her teammates were educated in what judges specifically look for in their three-round performance.

“They look for our voice in the round,” she said. “Some teams have less girls than we do, but they’re still louder. We yell as hard as we can. The judges want the emphasis on the words.”

A highlight for the season was placing first at Marion and third at both home competitions.

Fisher was a tumbler this season, and said the key to having success in her round is a tight body and strength, plus flexibility.

The emphasis in practice was “high backhand springs to get my tucks,” she said.

Fisher also did sideline cheer and is considering doing track during spring. The importance of teamwork especially makes competitive cheer challenging, she added.