Evart freshman cheerleader having impressive season

VanAssche expects strong season for Wildcats

Caroline VanAssche

Caroline VanAssche

Pioneer file photo

EVART – Caroline VanAssche is only a freshman but is playing a key role on Evart’s competitive cheer team, which is having a busy month with several meets on the schedule.

It’s her first year of cheerleading and she offered a simple reason behind her decision to come out for the team.

“I just wanted to,” VanAssche said. “It was something to do. It’s fun. I like being a part of the team.”

VanAssche is a flyer for the Wildcats.

“It think it’s the most fun thing to do when you get to go up in the air,” VanAssche said.

She had hardly little background in cheer and it took her awhile with feeling comfortable with her involvement in the sport.

“I did it on sideline cheer so I was comfortable,” VanAssche said.

She indicated the team is especially comfortable with the first round which requires jumps. The second round features compulsory and gymnastic skills. The third round features mounds which makes it a very challenging round, VanAssche said.

“I think the second round is pretty hard too,” she said.

The Wildcats will have two home meets later this month and will also host the Highland Conference meet. Evart will enter district competition in mid-February. VanAssche and her teams are hoping to get better and be at their best at that time.

Cheerleading is her only sport.

“I don’t like other sports because of all the running,” she said, adding that competitive cheer requires a lot of hard work with various skills, coordination and togetherness.