Evart football team challenged with lower numbers this season

EVART  —  The numbers are relatively thin for Evart football this fall but coach Pat Craven is still hopeful his Wildcats will be making some noise this season.

Evart is coming off another playoff year and kicked off the practice season with a midnight workout Monday. Graduation took its toll from last season.

Craven had 35 players total at his first practice.

“That’s about what we were expecting,” Craven said. “We were hoping for more. Right now we have 17 varsity and 18 JV.”

The first week of practices will focus on getting players acclimated to new positions.

“We’re moving kids around based on depth and where we feel we need to improve,” Craven said. “We’re doing all those things while we work to condition our kids and get them in the best shape that we can and try to get ready for week one.”

The Wildcats are home Aug. 28 against White Cloud with a preseason scrimmage Aug. 21 at Sanford-Meridian. Evart will scrimmage Meridian, Tawas and St. Louis.

“Our goal is to have as many one-way players as possible and be competitive,” Craven said. “But when your numbers are where ours are at, you’ll have a handful of kids that will have to play a lot of football on game night. It will be that more important for us to be in best possible shape as we can be.”

Evart graduated 10 starters from last season and 16 seniors

“Our goal is to have as many one-way players as possible and be competitive,” Craven said.

Trevin Ladd, a sophomore, is entering practices as the No. 1 quarterback.

“I’m really pleased with his growth from the offseason,” Craven said. “He attended a couple of camps geared toward his growth as a quarterback. From what I can see so far, he’s improved tremendously. He’s a very good athlete and a smart kid and is very competitive. We feel good about having him as our quarterback the next three years.”