Evart football players enjoy historic season

EVART – The season has ended for the Evart football team. But it’s one that senior Wildcats like Chapman Long and Alex Bengry won’t forget for a long time.

They were both key players in an 8-3 season that included the school’s first ever playoff win.

It ended last Friday in a 48-7 loss to Lake City.

In the regular, season, the Wildcats lost 32-21 in a very competitive game against the Trojans.

Long, a senior end and linebacker, said the Wildcats entered the contest at Lake City with a strong game plan.

“We shut them out the first drive, but then a muffed punt hit our player’s foot and they got the ball back,” Long recalled. “That took the momentum away. When they scored, the momentum really changed. It was a different Lake City team. They were faster and stronger. They were not the same team we played the first time. They shut down our run game pretty much.

“We tried hard. It just wasn’t in our favor.”

Long was happy with his season.

“I improved offensively and defensively,” Long said.

Bengry mainly played offensive tackle.

“I’ll remember we were the first team here to get a playoff victory,” Bengry said. “I’ll also remember how long our season was. We got an extra two weeks while some teams were done after nine.”

It was Bengry’s second varsity season.

“My technique was a lot better this year,” he said. “I got stronger between summer and the start of this season.”

Against Lake City, “we definitely had a chance...we had a lot of confidence going into the game, which is a good thing,” Bengry said. “All the teams we knew we could walk over were already gone. We couldn’t afford turnovers or penalties.”