Evart football coach keeping busy with camps

EVART — It’s been a busy June so far for Evart football coach Pat Craven.

He’s been working with his high school team and recently had a 7-on-7 passing camp at Clare.

It was the first passing camp this year with the emphasis on pass offense and defense.

“We try to go to Clare every year usually a week or so after school gets out,” Craven said. “(Clare coach) Kelly Luplow and I have been doing this for quite some time. It allows us to get the kids out, have fun, throw the ball around, and we can work with the kids on individual techniques, offensive and defensive schemes, both in scoring and defending the ball.

“It’s hands on. We allow the other coach to stop and show the kids stuff. It’s been a nice thing for us at the beginning of the summer every year.”

A four-day youth camp took place at the practice field. The camp, conducted two hours each day, includes youngsters entering first grade and going up to eighth grade.

“We’re kind of mixing kids up and asking them to do different things based on their age and ability level,” Craven said. “We’re trying to fine-tune the older boys and introduce some of the youngster boys.”

There were 30 in the camp.

“Last year was our first year of doing it and we had 18, so we’re up 12 kids and that’s good,” Craven said. “The kids are having a good time.”

Craven and his staff covered most of the basics with camp participants.

“We go over all the stances for the kids and teach them the 3-point stance,” Craven said. “They learn our running back and receiver stances. We go through basic techniques like how to hold the football when you’re running. We let all the kids know to do running back stuff and how to throw the ball.

“Most little kids want to be the running back, quarterback and receiver. We let everybody learn that. We go through all that stuff. We teach them the correct way to tackle and go through some basic agility stuff.”

Evart has Pop Warner football that starts in third grade. Rocket football is on the junior high level.