EVART — The first Reels on the River Bass Tournament, sponsored by the Evart Parks and Recreation Department, attracted 18 entries on Saturday.

Registration was early in the morning at Riverside Park. Winners were announced late in the afternoon. Anglers were able to fish any part of the Muskegon River and its tributaries.

Winners included Donovan Duncan in the critter division with a 16-inch pike; Abel Eisenhauer in the adult critter division with a 24 1/2-inch walleye; Nolan VanOrder of Evart in the adult trout division with an 11-inch brown trout; and Jody Williams, of Blanchard, in the adult bass Division with a 17-inch trout.

Jason O’Dell, of the parks and recreation committee, said it was the first time for this event.

“There’s always a start,” O’Dell said. Cash prizes were awarded.

“There were three ways of confirming their catch and the length of their catch,” O’Dell said. “The first way was by texting a picture with the measurement of the fish in the picture. The second way was to take a picture on the phone or camera and bringing it in here. The final option for showing your catch was actually bringing it in.”

Eisenhauer, an Evart resident, caught the walleye, plus a 16-inch smallmouth and 14-inch smallmouth bass. He was fishing in the Muskegon River.

“When we first started, it wasn’t the greatest,” he said. “After that, it started to pick up after the rain stopped.”

Fishing has been “on and off” this year, Eisenhauer added.

Williams, works in Reed City.

“I fish up here quite frequently,” he said. He caught his bass by the train track bridge.

“It went pretty good,” Williams said. “It wasn’t too bad. I can’t complain, I fish all the time, all over. It’s been decent, I think, probably one of the better years.

“This is actually my first tournament. I loved it and I will be back.”

VanOrder, a 2015 Evart graduate, is an avid area fisherman.

“I’ve been doing some largemouth bass fishing,” he said. “I’ve been doing pretty well. This time of year I like to fish the shallows. I’ll do some fishing in the fall, hopefully get some salmon fishing in (by Lake Michigan).”

Duncan, 11 will be in the seventh grade this year, and said he fishes almost every weekend. He enjoys fishing with his dad, Donald Duncan.

“It was awesome,” he said of his Saturday catch. “We always do a lot (of fishing) in the summer and the fall.”