Evart cross country team gets depth from Douglas

EVART – Evart’s cross country team has enjoyed plenty of depth this season beyond the top three of Max Hodges, Logan Hammer and David Zinger.

“That includes the talents of Zack Douglas who has been helping out the Wildcats in a major way.

It’s Douglas’ junior season. He’s usually been the No. 4 or 5 runner for Evart.

At the recent Pine River Invitational, Douglas and his teammates were tested with cold windy weather.

“The weather was cold, is a push, definitely shows you how much you have left in the tank,” he said. “It’s a good race to push. The hot weather I feel is more of a challenge. Cold weather, I like it more. The hills on this source definitely pushes you.”

Douglas has medaled around five times this season.

“I’m running hard and improving,” he said. “I’m enjoying it.”

It’s Douglas’ first year of cross country. He had played football in previous seasons.

“I’ve always been better at running, but it was the love of football,” Douglas said. “In track, I ran long distance and decided to run cross country. I stuck to it. I am very happy with my decision.”

His best time has been an 18:38. He wants a 17;50.

“I have to keep training hard and hopefully I can meet my goal by the end of the season,” he said. “The best part of my race would definitely be the finish. I just go. I push. I enjoy the momentum you get from it, an adrenaline rush you get. You have to finish. If you’re cold like today, you just to get it over with and get some hot chocolate.

“The team itself has been doing very well. We’re running great, staying strong, eating healthy and getting plenty of sleep. I feel we’re a really good team and at state, it will be a challenge. But I think we can do it. We have a really good team this year.”