Evart coach continues to enjoy steelhead fishing


EVART  —  This is a busy time of year for Evart resident Josh Johnson. Not only does he have his teaching duties at Evart High School but he’s also coaching varsity baseball.

But that still doesn’t mean Johnson, an avid fisherman. won’t get out even under the most difficult circumstances.

Johnson earlier this month, prior to Evart’s spring break, went to the Little Manistee River for steelhead fishing.

“We had a really good day, son Garrett and I,” Johnson said. “The other guys with us got a few too.”

The season at that river opened April 1.

“it’s getting good right now,” Johnson said. “Perfect weather is 40s and 50s. I like this warm rain. I’ll be going in the morning. If I go to the Little Manistee, I’ll go past Wellston and go just before you get to Manistee. I’ll hit Tippy Dam.”

Johnson has been seeing a lot of other anglers on the river.

“You go to the little rivers, I like to hit the little rivers like the Little Manistee, Pere Marquette, Betsie River,” Johnson said. “You can walk a bank and get to a hole by yourself and not worry so much about it being crowded.”

Johnson said he starts getting his boat out and getting away from steelhead fishing about the first week in May.

“The run will go on through May,” he said. “Once it starts getting warm, it’s boat time, you can get to the inland lakes the bluegill beds, the pike fishing and the bass.”

Prior to spring break, Johnson noted some spots still had a foot of ice although many ice surfaces have deteriorated, especially around the edges, in recent days.

“You have to be careful getting on the lakes,” he said.