Evart cheerleaders working on their skills

EVART — It’s a summer for cheering as far as Evart’s Marty Pattee and her athletes are concerned.

The Evart cheerleaders have also been working for the summer to get ready for the fall season.

“We’re working on gymnastics and stunts,” Pattee said at a workshop conducted at the high school on Thursday. “Any girl that wants to try out can come. We haven’t had tryouts for teams or anything yet.”

That process will take place the first week in August at the high school.

Pattee will have tryouts in November for the winter season.

Whether or not there’s a JV or varsity squad depends on the numbers, Pattee indicated.

The workshops will continue every Thursday. Last week, about 10 girls, from freshmen through senior, were in attendance.

“It depends on their skill level,” Pattee said. “I can have anywhere from eight to 16 kids on the team.”

The experience factor will be mixed, she indicated. At last Thursday’s practice, all but three had previously been on the team.

Raigan Clark, a senior, will be on the team her fourth season.

“We’re working on getting back into old habits and get back in shape for cheer,” she said. The Evart girls haven’t cheered since the season ended in March. The gymnastics aspect is especially a challenge for the girls to get back in the swing of things, Clark indicated.

But she said sessions such as the one on Sunday are “very helpful, especially doing it throughout the whole summer,” Clark said. “It helps getting back. It helps you start your bonds early and get to know people better before your actual season comes along.”

Clark is hoping this will be her best season.

“I always look for more ways to improve,” she said.

Mckayla Green, a senior, is also in her fourth varsity season.

“I want to get more limber,” she said of Thursday’s session, “and get restarted to what it has been.”

Both are competitive cheerleaders and noted the winter sport presents more pressure. But fall cheer “gets us ready” for the winter season,” Green admitted.