Evart cheerleaders get ready for tryouts this week

EVART — Evart cheerleader tryouts are this week but coach Marty Pattee and some of her girls weren’t waiting until then to get ready for the fall season.

The Wildcats have had summer workouts including one last month with an open mat in the Evart High School cafeteria.

“We’ve been doing this every Thursday, half of June and all of July,” Pattee said.

The sessions were for the girls going out for cheerleading. They were usually in the room for around 90 minutes. Tumbling stunts “and whatever we need to work on,” is what Pattee said is usually on her agenda.

Tryouts were scheduled to be Aug. 1 through Aug. 5.

Being at the summer sessions could give the participants a head start on tryouts, Pattee said.

“It gets them moving,” she said. “This is the last one. (Last week) is dead week for our school.”

The MHSAA mandates schools have a dead week, void of all sports activities, one week during the summer. Evart’s was last week.

Mariah Fisher, Kaitlynn Gudding, Macey Rich and Hannah Moore were participating during the recent session.

Pattee also coaches the Evart competitive cheer team during the winter.