Evart cheerleaders fourth, Reed City fifth at local meet

REED CITY — Evart led the way for competitive cheer teams Saturday at Reed City in the Cheer Your Heart Out Competition.

Chippewa Hills won it with 692,66 while Hart was second at 683.24 and Harrison third at 605.17.

Evart had a score of 565.34, along with a third-round point total of 243.8. Reed City was fifth at 544.98 with a third-round score of 229. Pine River, with a final round score of 195.2, had a 451 for sixth. Crossroads was seventh at 282.5.

“I think the girls did wonderful,” said Reed City coach Jen Worden. “It’s one of the best competitions I’ve seen them do. I was really proud of them. They had a ton of fun because it was their home competition.”

MaKayla Fender, a Reed City junior, was happy with her team’s performance.

“We did good today,” she said. “We worked together as a team.”

Fender said round 1 was the team’s best round.

“We’ve (improved) tremendous in everything,” she said. “It was fun today. It was a good experience.”

Proceeds of the event went to the Michigan Heart Association

“The girls had their best performance in round one today,” said Pine River coach Tiffany Lindquist. “They scored a 162.4 It’s at least 13 points (improvement.”

Evart coach Marty Pattee said the snow days her team had during the week, which also meant restrictions on practice time, took its tool on Saturday.

“We had two days of practice since last Saturday,” Pattee said. ”We had three days off in a row. We’ll go back, clean it up and will be stronger next meet.”

Evart and Pine River are at Marion on Wednesday.

Pine River and Reed City are at Houghton Lake Saturday. The cheer meet set for last week in Evart has been rescheduled for Feb. 12.