Evart catcher happy with strong finish to season

EVART — Danielle “Gus” Conklin has been providing strong contributions at the catcher’s spot in her second year with the Evart softball team.

A highlight for the season included a close doubleheader loss at Big Rapids.

“We played excellent, we played great,” Conklin said. “We communicated well compared to other games. We didn’t hang our heads.”

The Wildcats entered the season as a young team in March but Conklin sees where strides have been made.

“We have improved so much since the first of the season,” she said, adding that as catcher, “I think I’ve been doing a pretty decent job for being a sophomore.”

She also played the position last year and filled in for the starter on the varsity.

“When I get ahold of the ball, it seems to make it’s way out to the outfield,” Conklin said. “I think my fielding is pretty good. I throw it pretty well. I have to work at it.”

Sam Bressler has been Evart’s main pitcher and Conklin noted the two have been working well together.

“It’s amazing, we’re like sisters,” Conklin said.

She’s also been happy with her hitting.

Evart played at Beal City in district action Monday to end the season.

“What we need to do is hit the ball and keep our defense up,” Conklin said.