Evart boys track team ready to start season

EVART — Ricky Miller and Chapman Long are eager to test their pole vaulting skills for Evart’s boys track team this season.

Miller cleared 12-6 in late March at the Grand Valley State Indoor Invitational.

Last season, he cleared 13-6.

“I’m hoping to get the school record which is 14,” Miller said. “I’m aiming for at least 14-1. It will be a lot of working on form and doing what you’ve got to do.”

Miller, a senior,will focus on the pole vault.

He and his teammates have been limited to working out indoors the first three weeks of the preseason because 0f the weather.

“It’s pretty tough right now because we can’t get outoors to jump,” he said. “We can get out and run.”

Miller went to state as a sophomore and junior. He wa ninth as a sophomoe but didn’t fare well last year at the state meet.

In the Highland Conference, Miller expects Lake City to be tough in the Highland Conference.

The Wildcats are hoping to defend their MITCA state title.

Long is also a senior and is in his second season of track.

“Last year, I just started pole vault vaulting,” Long said. “Ricky trained me at his best and got me jumping to 12 feet.

I listened to every word he said and never took a day off. This year, It would be a letdown if Rick and I both weren’t jumping at least 13 feetconsistently.”

Evart competes at the Morley Stanwood Invitational on April 13.