Evart boys track team continues to enjoy success

EVART — Evart’s boys track team continues to roll to dominance in the Highland Conference season with athletes like senior Antonio Militello, sophomore Dean Marsh and junior Austin Grein playing a key role.

Militello has been in the 3,200-meter, 1,600-meter and 800-meter relays plus the open 800.

One of the highlights of the season for Militello came at the recent Morley Stanwood relays.

“We ran our PR for the season in the 4 by 8 in 8:25,” he said, adding that he’s been focusing on constant improvement in the 800 open. “We’re still getting in shape and I’ve been tired after the 4 by 8.”

Militello said the 3,200-meter relay team is looking to get under eight minutes.

“We think that’s possible and that’s what we’re working on this year,” he said, adding that the team is hopeful of qualifying for the state finals. Militello figures he’ll need a 2:05 to qualify for the state finals in the 800 run.

“I need to do a little more endurance training and probably some cross training, biking, pool workouts,” he said. “My strongest part is probably the start. I usually try to get out as hard as I can.”

The Wildcats are hopeful of being at the top of the Highland Conference standings by the time the season ends in late May.

“The team is looking pretty good and I think we have a shot at going far in the future,” Marsh said.

“Long distances are doing pretty good and giving us a lot of points at meets,” Grein said. “Everyone is doing good.”

Marsh is in the shot put and discus. He’s in his second year of track.

“I was throwing pretty far last year,” he said. “I’m gradually increasing. I want to throw 40 or above (in the shot put). The key to that is being quicker at it and getting stronger for it.”

In the throws for Evart, “we usually get a good amount of points depending on who we’re throwing against,” Marsh said, adding that the key for him for improving in the discus is “getting better on my spin and getting quicker at it.”

Grein has been throwing the shot as well as running the sprints, plus the 400-meter relay.

It’s his first season of track.

“For football, I’m trying to get faster and increase my speed,” he said. “It’s going pretty good. I’m liking it. It’s fun. I’m doing all right in all of (his events), mainly the shot. You have to have a lot of speed and momentum and pretty good technique.”

The Wildcats “are pretty good” in the throws, Grein said. “Dean is throwing low 40s and high 39s and I’m throwing low to middle 40s.”