Evart boys hoops coach ready to go for his second season

Kris Morgan
Kris Morgan

EVART -- Evart boys basketball coach Kris Morgan is especially looking forward to his second season as Wildcat skipper.

Morgan took the job only a few weeks prior to last season. This time, he’s had a chance to work with his team for an entire summer.

“We went over to Morey courts and had games two days week for couple of weeks and did some summer practices,” Morgan said. “I feel much easier and ready to go compared to last year.”

The numbers are also up dramatically. Last year, Morgan had nine players on his roster. As of Monday, he had cut his roster down to 16 from 24 players that tried out for the team. He’s figuring on ending up with 13 to 14 players on his roster.

Key returning players include Jon Hooker, Jared Pattee, Jake McKinstry and Devon VanOrder.

Kam Vanscoyoc is also back.

The season opens Dec. 4 at Farwell. The first home game is Dec. 6 with Boyne City.

Key players that graduated from last season include Preston Boyd, Jesse Lang and Jarek VanOrder.

“We had a pretty good JV team,” said Morgan. “They were like 13-7. We have some good juniors coming up. Plus we had a good football team too so they’re eager to continue that.”

The Highland won’t be easy with the likes of Beal City, McBain and Pine River, but Morgan is hoping his team can make some noise in the league.

Evart will have a scrimmage Nov. 26 with Morley Stanwood at Evart.