Evart boys basketball team gets plenty of work done

EVART — It’s been a busy summer for Evart’s boys basketball team.

But coach Kris Morgan is confident it will provide rich dividends for the 2016-17 season.

The Wildcats have been having scrimmages during the summer at the high school gym and also competed in the Ferris State University team camp.

“We’ve been scrimmaging against Chippewa Hills, Morley Stanwood and Montabella,” Morgan said. “We did a three-way. We hosted one, we went to Chippewa Hills and we went to Morley for one. That was first time we had everyone there. Summertime is a pretty scattered time. We had our core and then we had quite a few guys on vacation and doing some other things.”

After Ferris, other plans for Evart was going to Cadillac for a league.

This marks the MHSAA mandated dead week and Morgan wasn’t planning on any basketball.

Football coach Pat Craven “is going to do a lot of stuff in July,” Morgan said. “He’s spending June for weightlifting, then he’s taking over in July. A lot of these boys were playing baseball too.”

Morgan has enjoyed strong turnouts.

“We’ve had a strong core guys,” he said. “We’ve had at least 10 for every practice. With scrimmaging a little bit, we go through the game plan, refining our defense as we’re changing that a little bit this year. There’s of course shooting, fundamental and skill work stuff. We’re getting everyone situated with the new team.”

Morgan has witnessed from previous seasons where summer time work pays off during the winter.

“We had a big group of juniors coming in this year,” Morgan said. “We have five seniors and eight juniors coming in next year.”