Evart basketball teams wrapping up summer schedules

EVART — The Evart basketball schedule is heading into its final weeks with Wildcat coaches hopeful of ending the summer on a high note.

The Evart boys team has basically ended its summer practices, coach Kris Morgan said, with open gyms and shootarounds still remaining on the agenda. But so far, the Wildcats have accomplished a lot.

“We had a lot of unknowns with graduating 10 seniors and only having two juniors and one sophomore on the team from last year,” Morgan said. “I think some of the younger kids, some of the sophomores, can step up. I think they’ll be ready for varsity ball in the winter.”

Evart girls basketball coach Paul Higgins also still has various activities during the


“This week and next week, I’m doing open gyms on Tuesdays and Thursdays,” he said. “After that, we’ll pretty much be wrapped up during the summer.”

The Wildcats were at Morey Courts and also had a scrimmage at Forest Area during the summer. Last Friday, the Wildcats played three teams at Ludington.

“We’re getting better,” Higgins said. “I’m seeing improvement. Every night we’ve gotten together, we’re improving. That’s a good thing. We’ve got kids that want to be there. That’s always a plus too. Every day we’re getting better. Hopefully it pays off this winter. I think it will.”

The girls Higgins has worked with are basically on the varsity level.

“We did have a younger group that went to Morey,” he said. “That was mostly freshmen that played at the JV level. That was encouraging to have young kids get in. You take what you get and go

with it.”