EVART — Evart’s girls basketball season ended at 5-15 and the Wildcats will be looking to replace four key seniors that graduated from this year’s squad, including Lydia Wetters.

Throughout the season, teamwork was a key for the Wildcats, who were competitive despite only having seven players on the squad.

“We have to work, knowing our plays, working together and seeing the open passes and communicating,” Wetters said. “A lot of times in games, we get tired and our communication shuts down.”

From November to March, “I’ve seen a lot of progress,” Wetters said. “I knew at the beginning, we could barely make a 3-pointer. It’s such a young team, To see the progression, I couldn’t be prouder of the girls.

“We’re in shape because we have to be in shape.”


While Wetters graduates from the girls squad, the boys team has various players returning, including junior forward Jacob Hopkins.

Evart is 7-13 after losing to Pine River Monday in the districts 68-44. The Wildcats were 0-3 against the Bucks

“We have a few things to adjust before we play Pine River,” Hopkins said late in the season.

Evart had more luck against Beal City, which included a home win for the Wildcats over the Aggies.

“We got fired up for that game,” Hopkins said. “A lot of it was our crowd. We come out flat a lot. In that game, we came out fired up.”

Hopkins said his role this season was to do “a little bit of everything. I’d like to become a better jump shooter.”