Evart baseball team stays hot

EVART — Evart (20-7) extended its winning streak to 11 games with a 6-5, 14-5 baseball sweep over McBain Northern Michigan Christian in Highland Conference play on Friday.

Troy Ludholtz was the winning pitcher in the first game, and had five strikeouts. Chris Imhoff, Billy Conklin and Garrett Johnson had singles and one RBI. Andrew Bengry had two singles.

Layne Nadig was the winning pitcher in the second game. He went five innings and struck out four batters. Robbie Tapling, Chris Imhoff, Trevin Ladd and Josh Dorn had singles. Bengry had two singles and three RBI. Jordan VanScoyoc had a single and two RBI. Johnson and Cody Pritchard also had singles.

On Thursday, Evart swept Montabella in a doubleheader 10-8, and 18-8. Andrew Bengry went the first two innings, striking out three and walking none. He took the win.

Dorn had a double and two RBI, while Conklin had a double and a RBI. Imhoff added a double, Nadig had a single and RBI and Tapling had a single. Dorn was the winning pitcher in the second game and fanned nine batters. Imhoff had two singles and a double. Dorn had a single and two RBI, while Conklin had two singles and two RBI, Bengry had two singles and an RBI. Trevin Ladd and VanScoyoc had one single and one RBI.

Evart was home with Pine River on Tuesday and will be at Morley Stanwood on Friday. The Wildcats complete a suspended game Thursday at Manton. It will be 6-2, in Manton’s favor in the fourth inning when the game is resumed.

“I’m really pleased with the season we’ve had,” Evart coach Josh Johnson. “We’re certainly right there on the cusp of being the champion of our conference. We don’t want to let down. Anything can happen.”