Evart baseball team anxious to get outdoors


EVART — Baseball coaches like Evart’s Pat Craven can’t wait for Monday when spring break ends and sports practices resume.

They’re hoping by then, it will be permanent practices outdoors.

For the first three weeks of the preseason, cold and snowy weather forced teams to focus on indoor practices.

Evart tried to have games on March 20 and March 26 but had to cancel both times.

“Every opportunity we can get outside, working in the parking lot, we get out there and have worked on extending our arms with the long toss,” Craven said. We’ve worked on flyballs and cutoffs and intermediate flyballs between the outfield and infield, defensive situations.”

The next scheduled game for Evart is April 10 at home against Buckley in non-league action.

Evart is having the Cat Classic baseball tournament on April 13. Teams coming to that tourney include Coleman, Dryden, Farwell, Merrill and Saginaw Nouvel.

Practices next weekend, prior to the first game will be critical. Hopefully, they’ll be outdoors.

“We try to do as much light hitting in the batting cages as we can,” Craven said. “When you get outside, the lighting and distances are different from being in the gym. We might get a day or two outside then we’ll be playing ball. That’s OK, that’s what it is in northern Michigan so you just deal with it. I’m not concerned where we’re at when we begin it’s where we’re at when we finish.”

Evart has 11 players on its roster. Andrew Race is the frontrunner for the top pitching position.

“From there we’re looking at five or six kids to fill in spots,” Craven said.