Evart baseball ends limited summer season

EVART — The summer baseball season didn’t last as long as Evart coach George Sims would have preferred.

The Wildcats finished the spring season with a third-place finish in the Highland Conference.

Sims had a limited summer schedule this month on Tuesdays and Thursdays for his baseball squad.

“I started this league five years ago,” he said. “We had Morley Stanwood, Big Rapids, Reed City, Evart, Farwell and McBain. We would meet every Tuesday and Thursday. Last year, Morley, Big Rapids and Reed City bailed on it. It was just us, Farwell and McBain. This year, it was just us and Farwell (for a couple of games). We weren’t getting the amount of kids we wanted.

“Farwell’s new coach called the other night and said he only had two players. It’s depressing that we’re not able to put together a team. We’ll try it again next year. From talking to other coaches going through the same problems with the commitment and stuff over the summer … when your kids also have basketball on Mondays and Wednesdays and football plus baseball, that’s a lot to put on a kid during the summer.”

But because coaches like Sims consider it important for their baseball players to work on the sport during the summer, he’s trying to find a happy medium.

“As a coach, part of me wishes to have more baseball and another part of me wishes the state would come in and put in another dead week (during the summer) to give the kids some time off,” Sims said. “My plans for next year is to have open fields on Sunday nights and we can bring back alumni for anyone who wants to come out and play to get some people out there.”

Sims also announced that he won’t be returning this fall as the varsity assistant football coach at Evart.

“I’ll be done for awhile until my kids get older,” he said. “Coaching two varsity sports, I was spending more time with the juniors and seniors than I was with my own kids. It was a tough pill to swallow but I had to do it.”