Evart athlete will now focus on senior season

Reese Ransom wrestles, and plays football and baseball at Evart. (Courtesy photo)

Reese Ransom wrestles, and plays football and baseball at Evart. (Courtesy photo)

EVART -- Evart's Reese Ransom had played a lot of roles in his sports career including football and wrestling as an outstanding athlete in both.

But he was also ready to shine as a junior for Evart's varsity baseball team this spring. He's played baseball about 13 years.

"Reese Ransom, a returning junior, will most likely take over the catching duties for our team," Evart coach Josh Johnson said in preseason comments. "Reese spent much of last summer catching for Danny (Witbeck) and Pierce (Johnson) in summer ball and that work will undoubtedly pay off for him this season. Reese is a top wrestler and an extremely strong young man, making him an impressive hitter as well."

He was on the varsity team toward the end of last season when the Wildcats were 30-6 and conference and regional champions.

"Towards the end of last year, I got moved up and I played in a few tournaments," Ransom said. "I played with them throughout the conference and district run. I didn't play that much and didn't get that many at bats. But it was nice to see all the varsity guys and how they played and I got to look up to them."

Ransom said he would have been a catcher most of the time had there been a season.

"I've gotten pretty good in throwing down to second and throwing people out," he said. "I worked a lot on blocking our first weeks in practice. I think if I got that down, I would have been a pretty good well-rounded catcher."

As for hitting, "I would hit pretty good," Ransom said. "I would suspect a goal would have been anywhere from .250 to .300. You have to be selective, but also don't wait too long to find your pitch."

Despite his involvement in other sports, "during the offseason starting last year, I played for a Mount Pleasant summer ball team and did that all summer," Ransom said. "That was a big help. I got to see a lot faster pitching and I also got to catch for Danny and people like that."

Ransom said he was upset when the season was canceled because of the coronavirus issue.

"This year was going to be a good year and I was for sure we were going to take it just as far as we did last year, if not farther," Ransom said. "I'm hoping (this summer) we can do some kind of baseball so this year I did some baseball and didn't skip out on it. Next year we can be pretty good, but we'll lose a few key pitchers and key players."

Ransom said of his three sports, wrestling might be his best. This past winter, he went to the state finals.