Evart area resident remains active fisherman

EVART — Dan Derscheid is business manager at Pineview Homes near Evart.

He’s also an avid fisherman and a very good one.

His grandparents, Lowell and Helen Derscheid, started Pineview. Dan has worked there for 19 years.

“I grew up in the Evart area,” he said. “I started working right out of high school in the houses and was offered a spot here as I went to college.”

While he does some hunting, Derscheid admits that fishing is especially his passion.

“I really like the bass fishing,” he said. “I do pretty much all species. My favorite is especially bass fishing. I hit the rivers for smallmouth bass. I really like trying to find out-of-the-way type of ponds and small lakes for largemouth bass. I do a lot of lily pad type fishing like artificial frogs and stuff like that.”

It’s a good area for bass fishing, as far as Derscheid is concerned.

“There’s not the really big lakes,” he said. “I do like going down to St. Clair by Detroit for smallmouth bass. That’s one of the things I really enjoy doing, in the spring especially.”

Fall fishing “is hit or miss, depending on how the weather is,” Derscheid said. “Right now, as soon as it gets cold if there’s a cold front and it starts raining, it shuts the bass off. Salmon fishing, I usually do that in the fall by Tippy Dam. We went there (recently) and did very well. Lots of big salmon this year. Size seems to be bigger this year.”

Derscheid also enjoys local ice fishing although he also goes up to Clam Lake in Traverse City for perch fishing.

“I caught  my largest walleye trying to catch perch,” he smiled. “That was kind of a surprise...about eight years ago.”

Derscheid usually fishes with a friend but also enjoys going by himself.

“There’s enough guys around here that like to fish,” he said. “I usually have someone in the boat with me. It used to be, when I first started fishing, that I really didn’t like fishing a whole lot when I was growing up. When I got older, I did, and made a lot of trips by myself.”

Hunting and fishing has been huge in the Derscheid family. Looking ahead, Dan wouldn’t mind sometime fishing for peacock bass.

“The only place in the United States we have them is the lower portion of Florida,” Derscheid said. “They’re a brilliant yellow and red, have these dark bars on them...a beautiful fish, a very aggressive fish. That would be a lot of fun.”