EVART -- They live in Osceola County but two Evart fishermen more than held their own in competition that focus mostly on Mecosta County waters this summer.

Derrick Ransom and Jake Erickson of Evart won with a total score of 58.98 pounds to win the Castaways Bass Fishing Angler of the Year award. They’ve fished and hunted together for several years and it’s their first year in the club. Both have enjoyed being with the group. They were honored after the club’s last summer tourney in Aug. 18 at Hardy Pond.

“This is the best we’ve ever finished,” Ransom said.

They also like to fish Lake Miramichi in Osceola County for bass.

“We do some ice fishing, we spear pike in the winter and go to Cedarville to try to catch perch,” Ransom said.

Erickson and Ranson both thrive on the competition that bass tournaments provide.

“I like the competition, it’s fun,” Erickson said. “It’s been a pretty good year.”

Being angler of the year comes against some solid competition, he noted. The Tri-Lakes of Round, Mecosta and Blue are also favorite spots for Erickson, along with Chippewa Lake.

They’re both avid deer hunters and will start working on that aspect of their outdoor life soon now that competitive fishing has been winding down.

Erickson and Ransom have noticed that the number of boats in the tournament continues to climb each year.

“Tim and Mitch do a real good job with it,” Ransom said, referring to tourney organizers Tim Johns and Mitch Harrell.