Evart anglers continue to enjoy success

Evart's Paul Higgins continues to bring home trophy fish. (Herald Review file photo)

Evart's Paul Higgins continues to bring home trophy fish. (Herald Review file photo)

EVART -- Two very active fishmen in Osceola County have been Paul Higgins and Josh Johnson, who both are Evart coaches.

But they’re excited about this time of year.

“Its fall fishing and it’s a good time,” Higgins, who actively fishes in northwest Michigan and in the Tippy Dam area near Wellston, said. He especially enjoys targeting steelhead and walleye

Johnson, Evart’s baseball coach, has been busy with fall workouts and teaching duties. On Sunday, he’ll take his son Garrett to report to the U.S. Marines. But before this, he decided to take Garrett for one more fishing trip.

“I’ve been fishing quite a lot, a little bit of everything,” Johnson said. “This time of year, it’s nothing specific just everything. I took Garrett to Manistee Lake where we target pike. It’s a great time of year to catch big pike. They get on a feeding frenzy this time of year. They eat a lot. We both like to pike fish.”

But Johnson’s interest in fishing doesn’t stop with pike.

“I’m getting a few walleye locally,” he said.

Higgins keeps having fun with fishing.

"We were fishing a few weeks ago and did fairly well from the first part of September to the first week and a half," he said. "We did well on Pere Marquette Lake, vertical jigging for salmon. We picked up some nice fish. After that we fished the Cadillac and Mitchell area, trolling and casting stick baits. We're waiting for some higher water and getting more steelhead in the fresh water at Tippy Dam. We did catch a few steelhead up there. It looks like the salmon are winding down up there.

"I'm hoping fishing continues to get better as the fishing goes on. It should be a good fall."