EVART - Paul Higgins is an Evart area fisherman who has made the most of his fishing opportunities during the summer and fall.

"We came over to Ludington (in mid-September) and fished the evening and morning," he said. "We had success fishing for salmon. The morning was slowed for us. I've got a buddy who has a camper. I brought the boat over. We're kind of tag teaming."

Higgins had the girls basketball coach at Evart, but currently is not coaching.

Does that mean more fishing?

"I hope so," said. "I did a lot this summer more than I've done in the past. For salmon, we haven't hit Lake Michigan. I've been fishing at Pere Marquette Lake right inside the pierheads.

"It's easy and if you hit it at the right time, there' a pile of fish. It's a matter of getting them to bite."

At it gets colder, Higgins likes to go to Cadillac and Manistee.

"I'm up to fishing wherever I can get to and explore a little bit. There's still a lot of good fishing before the winter comes. Bow and firearm deer season puts guys into the woods. There's great fishing, and there still can be."