Evart angler devoted to fly fishing for trout

FLY FISHING: Evart’s Andy Duffy ties a fly to get ready for more fishing. (Herald Review/John Raffel)
FLY FISHING: Evart’s Andy Duffy ties a fly to get ready for more fishing. (Herald Review/John Raffel)

EVART  — Andy Duffy loves his fishing, especially when it comes to tying flies.

Duffy is a life-long Evart resident.

“I moved away a couple of times but I keep moving back because I like the area,” he smiled

When it comes to fishing, Duffy especially like to go after trout. The Au Sable River is among his favorite place.

“I fly fish,” he said. “I like to match-hatch for trout. There’s a big mayfly that goes by a lot of nicknames, people have shortened it to the hex. That’s the hatch that comes up after dark. I like to go up and fish during that hatch.”

Duffy was in his 20’s when he got into fly-tying.

“When I got into fly fishing, I was in my 20s. I was an old man,” he smiled. “My brother fly-fished for bluegills and I watched him fly fish a few times. I knew that most people fly-fished for trout. I knew that fly-fishing started as a method for catching trout because trout feed off insects so much. I wanted to fly fish for trout. I wanted to learn how to do it.”

Duffy will fish for other species including bass sometimes.

“Once or twice a summer I’ll go after bluegills and sunfish,” he said. “My favorite spot for trout is the AuSable, I also fish for trout on the Clam River in Cadillac and the Middle Branch River by Marion. I will fish sometimes the Muskegon River for bass.”

Duffy said he has learned from others that it’s slow on the Muskegon River now because the water is still too high. What you look for at the Muskegon is for the water to get down a little bit. That will concentrate the fish in the holes and you can find out where the holes and hiding spots are. Right now, the fish are scattered throughout the river. It’s tough right now.When it comes to hunting, Duffy especially likes to go after birds.

“I love to hunt pheasant, woodcock and grouse,” he said. “I also hunt rabbits.I hunt deer (gun only).”

He also hunts ground squirrels. Turkey hunting is also enjoyable.

“I think turkey hunting is one of the grandest forms of hunting there is,” Duffy said. “It’s just a ball. I can’t think of a thing I wouldn’t like to hunt.”

His mother-in-law lives in North Carolina in the Smokies.

“They have those mountain streams and I love fishing out there,” he said.

“We have everything in this area, There’s bass, trout, deer and turkeys.”