Evart angler continues to enjoy fishing

Evart's Paul Higgins has had an outstanding fishing season so far. (Courtesy photo)

Evart's Paul Higgins has had an outstanding fishing season so far. (Courtesy photo)

EVART - Paul Higgins is a diehard fisherman who was thinking in mid-March his fishing might be curtailed this spring since he was coaching the Evart JV baseball team.

But after a week of practice the season was done because of the Coronavirus.

"When this whole virus thing took off, we were still steelhead fishing," Higgins, an Evart area resident, said. "We were fishing the Manistee up at Tippy before they closed it down. We got in a good week of fishing there before they closed it down. We hit Croton Dam, that area, and we were able to fish that. We did fairly well there for steelhead.

"We did go up in the Bear Creek area, up by Brethren to do some fishing there and did fairly well there. Once we were able to get our boats back out, we were able to hit some walleyes. I was fishing off shore at Cadillac and did real well for a week and a half to two weeks. Catching fish in the shallow, you're wading out and doing fairly well."

Higgins had success in the Frankfort area.

"The weather is starting to stable out," Higgins said. "Water temperatures are starting to climb and the fish are getting more active. Your catch rates are going up. For the most part, you're catching good numbers of fish. You still have those days where you don't do as well as you did the day before.

"We're doing some trout fishing too, locally, a little bit. We haven't got into it that much this year for some reason. We've been catching quite a few walleye. I would rather eat walleye over trout any day of the week."

Higgins said warming weather means everything is in transition.

"I go by the Golden Rule, like for walleye, 68 degrees at the surface is usually pretty good and I've had pretty good success for walleye," he said. "It's right in the ball park right now in a couple of the lakes that we're fishing. By Cadillac and Frankfort, it's getting at that happy temperature. Up until your mayflies hatch, it should be pretty good fishing, I think. They're getting more active. Bluegills are starting to get on the beds some.

"It should be some pretty good fishing for the next couple of weeks for sure, if not for the whole summer hopefully."

His favorite partner is his son, Cooper Higgins, and sometimes Josh Johnson.

"We've fished a lot this spring," Paul Higgins said. "It's been good for me and my son. He's experienced some pretty good fishing. You can get a lot of education just being in the outdoors."