Evart administrator has success on final day of season

EVART — Howard Hyde has proven that sometimes, the best day to hunt during the firearm deer season is the last.

The Evart schools superintendent bagged his buck the final day of the season, Nov. 30, south of Evart.

Hyde, who bagged a 6-point buck, said he didn’t spend too much time hunting during the season with the Thanksgiving holiday and other factors. He also went out on opening day.

“We saw a few,” he said adding that he was in the same location on Nov. 30 when he bagged his buck, “but in a different blind.”

Hyde shot a 6-point buck. He was also a successful hunter with his bow last season.

“I did not see a lot of deer,” Hyde said. “I saw two bucks the whole time. People I hunted with didn’t see a whole lot.”

Hyde indicated he saw seven deer earlier, but all were does.

Hunting remains popular among Evart school staff members and students. Hyde said he didn’t hunt much until he moved up to the Evart area around 23 years ago.

“I shot a nice 10-point about 5 to 6 years ago,” he said.

Archery season goes until the end of the month and Hyde indicated he might get his crossbow out.

“For me, it’s peaceful to be out there,” said Hyde, who mentioned that his wife and other families members also do some hunting.