Evart High School senior stays active in hunting and fishing

EVART  — Lane Sochocki grew up in a hunting family and has been taking advantage of the situation.

Sochocki’s dad, Mark, is president of the Mecosta-Osceola chapter of Pheasant’s Forever, which had its annual banquet on March 19 in Big Rapids. Lane attends Evart High School and is a senior, and has always been an active hunter and trapper.

He’s had a pheasant hunt in North Dakota where the hunting “is real fun,” Sochocki said. He was with his 18-month family hunting dog, who was on its first hunt.

“He did real well,” Lane said.

Sochocki has been pheasant hunting four years.

“I enjoy being out in nature and enjoying yourself,” he said. “I liked watching the dog and telling him to go get the bird.”

Sochocki also enjoys trapping during the October through March season

“The prices have been down with the fur market,” he said.

Sochocki’s  favorite target has been the otter.

“They’re extremely difficult to catch,” he said. “It’s a real challenge. I usually catch one a year. You have to know where they’re at or where they’re traveling.”

One animal he would like to trap is a bobcat.

“I haven’t been able to trap one yet,” Sochocki said. “I have tried. It takes a lot of skill and patience.”

Sochocki also enjoys dirt biking. He’s also an avid deer hunter and his biggest buck is an 11-pointer.

“There’s a lot of big bucks that didn’t get shot last year,” he said. “It should be good next year.”