Emington back with Reed City soccer

REED CITY — Reed City girl’s soccer almost didn’t have a JV team because of lack of players going to try out. Thankfully they were able to get just enough girls to fill the field with only one substitute.

Danielle Emington, a 2008 Reed City graduate, is enjoying her new title as JV coach. Soccer has been in her life since she was a young girl. Starting at age 4, she played with AYSO all through school and then with the high school team. As her father, Doug Emington, would coach, Danielle would help by being a ball girl, assisting with practices and games, and practicing with the boys teams when they were short. “I love the strategy of the game and I love coaching. I always knew it was something I wanted to do, but I never imagined the opportunity would come knocking on my door so soon.”

Their first game against Clare last week was nothing short of intense. Spectators were kept on the edge of their seats, watching as both teams skillfully handled the ball and attempted goals. Even though it was clear that reed city was tired from their constant running and lack of substitution, they came out victorious, 3-1. A proud parent noted, “Those girls just kept going, no matter how tired they were, and pushed through to a great win.”

“My girls played hard. A game right off of spring break is tough,” Emington said. “I was impressed at how things came together on the field. It was the first time we had been outside and for most of the girls the first time ever playing soccer altogether. We may not have quantity, but we sure do have quality. We have a lot to work on and excel at but I couldn’t have asked more of them in that first game. I’m proud of my girls for their class and effort.”