EVART -- Monday was when athletes like Evart senior Kelci Elder had to start making the transition from spiking the ball to shooting it.

Elder ended her volleyball season with the Wildcats recently and is expected to be a key player for the Evart girls basketball team.

Practices started last week. This was Elder's first year for the volleyball team.

"It's my senior year and I decided to try something new," she said.

The last time Elder had played volleyball was eighth grade.

"It's more intense and faster pace than what I experienced before" she said. "I enjoyed it a lot."

She started out as an outside hitter and moved to middle hitter.

"In middle you try to get more blocks," she said. "I've been all right with it. I could improve."

Timing, getting height and the hands up high are critical, she said. Elder also felt she was a "decent" hitter. "I try to hit it hard."

It was an improved season for the Wildcats.

"We've improved from the beginning," she said.

The basketball season opens in early December after a three-week preseason.