Deer season coming to a close

PARIS —  The 2016 area deer harvest during the Nov. 15 to 30 firearm may have been slightly down compared to previous years, according to initial reports. 

“But we don’t know that until the mailing survey provides results (early  next year),” Pete Kailing, area DNR wildlife biologist, said. “The opener was foggy and warm.”

The deer checked by the DNR locally “were healthy and good looking animals” Kailing indicated, although there were a couple diagnosed with pneumonia. “But that’s not unusual.”

Antler restriction practices were exercised locally, Kailing.

Bow season continues until Jan. 1.

As for muzzleloading season, “we started out OK but then the weather turned brutal,” Kailing said. “For hunters that braved the cold, they’re moving.”

 “I would say is it was average to above average,especially for the size of deer taken in the Mecosta County area,” Vic Havens, of Franks’ Sporting Goods in Morley, said. “On my (buckboard), we’ve got a lot of really nice deer. We have 65 different bucks. We have a taxidermist who is up to 95 that were brought in. We’ve had a lot of deer brought into the area, a lot of nice deer.”

Muzzleloading season went to Dec. 18 for the area below M-20. It is earlier for the area above M-20.

“The guys are definitely out muzzleloading,” Havens said. “ I think the snow helps that out a lot.”