Deer hunts ending for 2013

REED CITY — Deer hunters are calling it a season for 2013.

Muzzleloading ended in late December and bow season closes on New Year’s Day.

Katie Keen, DNR wildlife technician, said a week before the Christmas holidays that the Cadillac office was still having deer coming in, including an 8- and 10-pointer.

Trapping seasons also continue along with small game hunting.

“We’ve had some muzzleloading deer coming in,” Keen said. “We’re registering furbearers about every day, especially otters.”

Keen noted that the first of the year, as reports are filled out and sent in, more analysis can be provided.

Pete Kailing, Mecosta County Department of Natural Resources wildlife biologist, said in late December that it’s been quiet.

“The weather hasn’t been very conducive,” he said. “The diehard muzzleloaders (were) out there. I haven’t heard much about success.”

There are some diehards that continued to go out even if the weather isn’t the best, Kailing noted.

“The cold snowy weather won’t move the deer,” he said. “A few rabbit hunters have been out. I think it’s been a little slow.”

Rabbit hunting continues through March.

“We’ve had unseasonably cold and deep snow,” Kailing said. “That makes it hard to hunt grouse. A sunny, snowy day, rabbits will be out basking in the sun and feeding. When it’s windy and cold, not much wildlife moves.”