Deer bow hunting season begins

BIG RAPIDS – Bow season started on Oct. 1 and it’s Pete Kailing’s prediction it’s going to be a good one.

Kailing is an area DNR wildlife biologist and pointed out the bow season goes all the way through Jan. 1, including during the Nov. 15-30 rifle season. But during firearm seasons, bow hunters are required wear orange.

“Archery season should be pretty good this fall,” Kailing said. “(Thursday) was kind of raining and windy. Antler production looks like it’s real good and is above average for this area. There’s a lot of crops in the field.”

Various areas should have a decent supply of food for anglers.

“Deer numbers are high and hunters should be able to find deer,” Kailing said.

Cooler temperatures should result in better hunting conditions, Kailing indicated.

“If it stays too warm, they move very little during daylight hours,” he said. “They move mostly at night when it’s cooler. If you have a colder daytime temperature, they’re more likely to be active.”

Late October to early November is usually a time when bucks are on the move during a breeding period.

Baiting bans are still in effect and hunters should be aware of antler point restrictions and should check a DNR hunting guide. The only deer checks are Nov. 15-18.

“All biologists like myself are working under COVID restrictions,” Kailing said.