Dean doing the job for Pine River wrestlers


LEROY — Darwin Dean has been picking up some impressive wins for the Pine River wrestling team this season.

He’s a senior in his fourth year of varsity wrestling. Last year, Dean finished second in conference but didn’t win districts. His goal is to be a district champ this season, place in regionals and make the trip to the state finals. He’s confident he’s on target to meet his goals.

“He’s improved “quite a bit” from last season. Dean worked at a sawmill during the summer and didn’t have a chance to focus on wrestler in workouts, although he acknowledge the nature of his job helped in some respect with his strength work.

“I’ve improved on my speed and technique,” Dean said. “My technique has helped.”

Right now, Dean is wrestling at 135 pounds and is looking at 130 for the state meets.

“Controlling the head,” is a major strength for Dean. “I grew up on a farm. I treat it like a horse or cow. If you control the head, the body has to follow. I need to work on improving my turns and more movement.”

The team continues to excel.

“We’re working better as a team than we have in years past,” Dean said. “We have younger guys but they’re working pretty hard. As a team, we always get stuck at regionals.”

But if the Bucks run up against a powerhouse like Hesperia, Dean is confident Pine River can prevail this time.