DNR releases six more turkeys

BALDWIN — The Department of Natural Resources released six more turkeys in the Baldwin area on Thursday.

The DNR released 15 turkeys Wednesday and 10 on Thursday of last week in Lake County, east of Baldwin, as a part of its capture and release program to improve the local turkey habitat.

DNR wildlife biologist Pete Kailing of Big Rapids said the turkeys from a week ago were captured southeast of Grand Rapids and brought up to Lake County.

The six released on Thursday this week came from Norton Shores.

“They’ve had a problem there with too many birds,” Kailing said.

They were released on state land.

“The goal would be to revitalize the local population,” Kailing said.

Kailing noted that when the turkeys are relocated, they usually stay in that particular area.

“They’re not wanderers,” he said. “They don’t return to the areas you took them from. They’ll try to find food to eat and a nesting cover.”

Grasshoppers, insects, berries and acorn are among the turkey’s favorite foods.

The first hunt locally, in Area K, starts April 23 for those who received a permit. The second season goes April 30 to May 6. The third season is May 7-31 for those that buy a permit over the counter by May 1.

Rabbit hunting season goes until March 31.