Crysler, Vincent making key contributions for Coyotes

REED CITY -- It’s not easy trying to get through a nine-game schedule in perfect style but the Reed City Coyotes, led by players like Matt Crysler and Jake Vincent, are off to a 2-0 start.

With wins over Big Rapids and Morley Stanwood to open the season, Reed City is undefeated as it prepares for Friday’s Central State Activities Association game at Holton.

Vincent, a senior offensive tackle and linebacker, is starting both ways as he did last year for the 9-0 Coyotes.

“I thought we did really good,” Vincent said. “We were in the weight room all summer and lifted hard and did a lot of 7-on-7s and conditioning. I felt we were ready for this year.”

Vincent said he feels responsible for making a lot of tackles on defense.

The Coyotes got off to a strong start in the season opener against Big Rapids, a 14-6 victory.

“It wasn’t excellent but it was OK,” Crysler said.

“We did very good on defense and we can get better on offense,”’ Vincent said. “We came out really flat on offense.”

The Coyotes had a little more offense in a 28-14 victory last week over Morley Stanwood.

“I think we’re capable of going far in the playoffs,” Vincent said. “I hope we go undefeated. I’m not saying we will but I hope we do.”

Crysler said the Coyotes need to stay hungry and not rest on the laurels of last year’s undefeated regular season.

“We have to stay on our blocks and hold our own against everybody.” Crysler said. “We can’t go on last season. If we keep doing what we do, we can win.”

Crysler is a senior left guard and defensive nose guard. He’s a two-way starter for the second straight year. He looks back with fondness at his last season.

“I did pretty good on offense and thought I could have done better on defense,” he said, adding that plenty of work was put into the offseason. “We weight-lifted, flipped tires, got into condition....”

Crysler indicated he has improved in various areas of the game. And he’s confident in his physical strength.

“On offense, I have to get to my blocks,” he said. “On defense, I want to get to my guards so I can plug up the holes.”

Personnel wise, “I think we’re about the same as last year,” Crysler said. “We don’t have our bigness but have about the same amount of speed.”