Coyotes quarterback ready for switch to basketball


REED CITY – Chad Samuels had a fun football season as Reed City quarterback, but now he’s hoping to double his pleasure as a junior guard for the Coyotes boys basketball team.

The football season ended earlier this month but basketball is ready to start for the boys. The first game is Dec. 4 at Cadillac while the Central State Activities Association season opens Dec. 6 at Big Rapids.

This is now the third week of preseason basketball.

“It was a little hard coming from that loss,” Samuels said, referring to the end of the playoff football season. “It was a quick transition. We have to put it behind us and think about basketball season. We played a lot of basketball, it’s an easy transition.”

Four players were in AAU and there was a summer league at Ferris State.

Samuels is in his junior season, and is in his third year of varsity.

“My freshman year, I thought I was a little timid and was scared to make mistakes and things like that,” he said. “But my sophomore year, I got used to the game a little bit and got used to the pace. It went a lot better than my freshman year.”

Samuels, usually a wing or point guard, anticipates having the same role this season. Jared Holmquist and Dakota Saez were among the key graduates from last year’s team.

“We have guys that can fill their roles pretty well,” Samuels said. “We’ll see what happens.”

Samuel’s likes to drive and shot. “We all play tough defense as a team,” he said. “We’re really good shooters and we play tough defense and are quick. We only have 10 on the team. We’re lacking some guys.  We’re in good shape. I think we’ll be fine.”

“We’re running a different offense and defense,” Samuels sail. “We still have the same people.”

Samuels suspects the game with Big Rapids to set the tone for the season an the CSAA race as it has in previous seasons.

We’re rivals and there’s a lot of energy at that game,”  Samuels said. “We’ll see what happens.”