Coyotes hoping summer conditioning pays off again

REED CITY — Reed City football players spent a couple of days last week at the weight room, taking advantage of additional opportunities to get in shape for a practice season that would start with Midnight Madness Monday.

Zach Agan (5-foot-11, 264 pounds) was at the sessions, working on getting himself in top shape. Agan is in his second varsity season. He’s a two-way tackle both ways. He had some medical issues last season that prevented him from getting a decent amount of playing time.

But he indicated that he’s back with it and ready to go for the five-time defending Central State Activities Association champions.

It was a busy, but productive summer for Agan.

“I’ve got one miss out of the whole (summer) right now,” he said. “It’s been going great. I’ve been working my butt off, hoping to make a big offensive lineman push for the team.”

Agan indicated his legs are a key strength.

“I’ve been a lot of work into my legs and have built them up,” he said. “It’s to the point where i feel it’s literally impossible to push me back, that’s against my teammates. We’ll have to see about other teams.”

Agan might play some defense.

“My strength there is getting to the right guard or left guard,” he said. “Specific strengths would be being physical. Quick? I could be better.”

The Coyotes open the season at home Aug. 26 against North Muskegon.

“I think we can work to be pretty good his year,” Agan said. “I’m feeling good about this year, being a senior and all.”