REED CITY — Adam Kehr is coming off a successful wrestling season at Reed City and is working at producing points for the Coyote track squad.

“I’ve been hurt, I ran about average, my knees have been bugging me,” Kehr said after a race against White Cloud last week. He was second in the 800-meter run in 2:14.59.

He’s been among the top 800 runners for Reed City in his junior season. He’s been in track the last two seasons.

“I’m about the same (as last year),” he said. “It’s difficult to come from wrestling to track. You have to be able to handle the different types of conditioning. In wrestling you run for 20 minutes but this is all out for two minutes.”

Kehr’s best time in the 800 has been 2:11. He wants a 2:05 before the season ends.

“I’m really good on my first lap,” he said, adding that he needs to improve on his last lap.

The Coyotes as a team have had a strong season, Kehr added.

The regionals are later this week.