Coyote sophomore soccer player looking to have strong season

REED CITY — Reed City’s soccer team will be looking for players like Lauren Voelker to have strong performances this season.

Voelker is a sophomore, who was brought up late last season to the varsity and saw action in the districts. She and her teammates have been practicing for more than two weeks in anticipation of the season opener which was slated to be home this Wednesday.

Another game is scheduled for Tuesday at Crossroads. Both games are in doubt because of the weather. The next scheduled game isn’t until after break on April 16 at Newaygo.

Voelker appreciated the chance to see varsity action last season.

“I learned it was a lot different and it’s more team oriented and it’s a lot faster paced,” she said. “You need more ball control.”

Voelker also played basketball as a sophomore. That experience, as it relates to soccer, “is about the same,” she said. “You’re one of the younger ones on the team so it’s still kind of different.”

Voelker is looking at being a striker, forward or midfielder.

“I can play pretty much anywhere,” she said. “I like striker because I like scoring.”

Voelker indicated she’s improved with her left foot over the summer and looks at having a strong shot.

“I’m working on my footwork to get better,” she said, adding that the key for the Coyotes to put the ball in the net will be “to work as a team, passing more and taking the shots when they’re open.”

The Coyotes “will be pretty strong even though we have smaller numbers,” Voelker said. “I think we’ll be better as a team. We’ll be used to playing with each other more. We’re starting to get into condition a lot more.”

Voelker has been in soccer since grade school. On the varsity level, “everybody is a lot better and you have to pass more,” she said. “Everyone is smarter at the game. You try to see what they do, and predict more where the ball is going.”

Voelker and her teammates are looking to get outdoors.

“Kicking the ball inside compared to outside on the grass is a huge difference,” she said. “We can’t shoot at goals (in the gym) and can’t practice our long shots.”