Coyote softball players eye title-winning season

REED CITY — The Reed City softball team wants to make a strong bid for the Central State Activities Association title this season with players like second baseman Emma Lockhart and senior Courtney Morgan playing a huge role.

Lockhart is a junior who was also at second base last year. She previously played shortstop.

“More gets pulled to the shortstop side,” she said.

It’s Lockhart’s second varsity season.

“I’m trying to work hard, mostly in bunting,” she said. “I’m trying to make plays for the team. It doesn’t matter what my average is. It’s the outcome.”

The Coyotes entered this week at 8-1.

“It’s been communication, we work well together as a team,” Lockhart said. “There’s not a bad team that we play. They’re all pretty good.”

Morgan is in her senior season and it’s her third year of varsity pitching.

“I’ve been very happy with the way I came in,” she said. “The first year I came in, I pitched behind Sam (McDonald) and last year she was out. I started the season as the only pitcher. I’ve gained about five miles an hour on my (fastball). I’ve changed my entire pitching. I worked with the GRCC pitching coach.”

Her pitching so far this year “has been adequate, it can always get better,” Morgan said.

As a batter, “I’ve been hitting decently,” she added. “As a team, we’ve been hitting great.”

Getting an early lead and keeping it has been a key behind her team’s 8-1 success, Morgan noted.