Coyote soccer player returns from injury, focuses on banner season

REED CITY — Wyatt Meese is entering his senior season with Reed City’s boys soccer team. He’s taking steps this summer to try guaranteeing that it will be his best.

He played defense in his first varsity season.

“I was injured at the beginning of the season. It wasn’t my best season,” he said. “I played two years when I was younger and three years, including this year.”

Meese had a leg muscle injury last year but is confident of being at 100 percent this year

“I’m looking at playing a lot more games, no injuries, and hopefully do a lot better,” he said. “Since I’m a senior, I’ll probably try to keep The guys focused, keep them motivated and hopefully be an example for them.”

Matt Webster is the new coach for the Coyotes.

“I’m excited about the new coaches, they’re going to teach us a lot of new things,” Webster said. “They’ll bring a lot of new energy to the team.”

Meese and his teammates have been having open field practices lately this summer on Sunday and Thursday.

I’ve seen improvement already from my team,” he said.

Meese also ran track which he’s hoping will help him stay in shape for soccer.

“I’m positive about this year,” he said. “I think with our new coaches, all the guys we have, we’ve been playing together for awhile I think we’ll actually be pretty good.”