Coyote senior says the key to success is 'keep playing Reed City football'

Gawne hoped to help RC earn a playoff win over Millington

Carter Gawne



John Raffel

REED CITY – The offensive and defensive lines have continually played a key role for Reed City’s championship football this season.

And seniors like offensive guard and middle linebacker Carter Gawne hope it continues. He starts both ways and has started for two season.

“I improved a ton from last year,” he said. “I’m a lot bigger and stronger from last year. I hit the weight room pretty hard. I can hit pretty well.”

His strength on offense is getting to my guy and sustaining my block, Gawne said.

“Carter Gawne is a senior that is starting at linebacker and guard for us,” Reed City coach Scott Shankel said. “Carter is a huge part of the team's success this season and is also another player that plays very physically. Carter never comes off the field for us and continues to get better as the season goes on.”  

The Coyotes are 11-1 after winning the regional title against Millington 6-0. They are on a ten-game winning streak after a 48-40 loss in week two to Tri County.

“After our week 2 loss, we really came together and played as a team,” Gawne said. “Cadillac (week 9) was a huge win for us. Last year we lost to them. We came out a little more physical. That was a huge game for playoff points.”

After beating Cadillac, the Coyotes followed up with playoff wins over Montague, Muskegon Catholic Central and Millington.

Football is Gawne’s only sport.

“I like that it’s physical and I love playing for the team,” Gawne said, adding the key for the team to keep having success is “playing as a team, knowing our assignments and playing Reed City football.”


Favorite athlete: Patrick Mahomes

Favorite food: Chicken

Favorite subject in school: Gym

Favorite movie: The Blind Side

Favorite vehicle: Chevy